Thank you so much for giving our students the opportunity. They had a ball!



* During the ten week program, lessons were organised and always ready to start

* Tracy and Amanda were very enthusiastic instructors who engaged the kids successfully

* All students of differing abilities were able to get involved and feel included

* Students were always excited and wanting to attend

* Good variety of music and programs each week

* The use of ribbons and the parachute added a different element and was great for tactile experiences

* Tracy was very flexible and adapted to each situation

* Tracy learnt everyone's name quickly which allowed her to build that rapport

* There was a clear understanding of each child's disability and the program was delivered to suit their needs

* Amanda was a great help and involved all students in each lesson


Thank you for a wonderful term.


Mrs Emily Simpson


Independent Learning Center

St Johns College Dubbo

Juelz Jarry from 93.5 StarFM Dubbo TESTIMONIAL


In the past 12 months I have seen Tracy dedicate so much of her time hosting Zumba classes at almost every community event and fundraiser including relay for life and Stars of Dubbo - cancer council NSW. Tracy's initiative to create the Give Barnsey a reason to Smile fundraiser to benefit a young local boy who is diagnosed with angleman syndrome would have to be the greatest. Tracy's aim was to raise $10,000.00 to purchase a very special wheel chair for Barnsey to make his life more comfortable and a special iPad for him to interact with. To raise the funds Tracy held events such as a pool party Aqua Zumba class and hosted over a hundred primary schoolers from 9 different schools to have an afternoon of Zumba for a gold coin donation. With the main event being a Zumba Disco Dance Party, Tracy had organised prizes for raffles and created a silent auction with local business donating their products and services. Tracy exceeded her fundraising aim by raising over $18,000.00 which allowed her to buy Barnsey the wheel chair and to put the rest into a trust fund to go towards his ongoing medical needs. The amount of effort and dedication Tracy puts into our community is priceless, from motivating women through weight-loss challenges to supporting and encouraging  women who face tough times, Tracy is an absolute assets to our community.






I have known Tracy Hanna for approximately 12 Months, since she started working with my son Ethan a 9 yr old boy with Autism his cognitive age is 4yrs. 

Tracy opened up a world of music and movement to Ethan, a world of expression, an opportunity to be included in society.

The positive impact Tracy reflects on my son is clearly seen in his face when he attends a class, or speaks of her praises for him. Ethans attitude towards school as well as his social skills have significantly improved since meeting Tracy.

Zumba is now part of Ethans weekly Therapy routine, and both Ethan and myself value her loyalty, spirit and devotion to Disabilities.

Yours Sincerely,










I began going to Zumba with Tracy three years ago and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am 59 years of age, have no dance experience and have no interest in fitness until recent years.


It has been my experience, and the experience of others I have spoken to, to find Tracy an infectious personality- her bubbly nature, caring attitude and sense of community become a stronger part of all of us and we find our selves really reveling in each others achievements and, in bad times, sharing our sorrows. Everyone Tracy comes into contact is made to feel special and very important as individuals.


Our Zumba classes provide a “clayton’s” workout- the workout you have when your not having a workout! The energy enthusiasm fun that radiated from Tracy and her team makes the time goes so fast and at the end of a class comes much to quickly. Everyone is supported, mentoring and encouragement given to each and every participant is genuine and so very valuable.


Tracy and her team obviously are beneficial not just for our bodies, but also our self-esteem,


The huge success of fundraisers organized by Tracy is further proof of the esteem she is held in and the large number of people in our community who have been touched by Tracy’s caring nature.


I believe that the best customer service ever, is the customer service that keeps you coming back for more- that is is what Tracy Hanna gives and I, with many, many more, keep coming back ... religiously…  twice a week… every week.






I have always been the big girl in my family, friends, collegues and felt terrible all the time, I never wanted to socialize with friends, I didn’t like clothes shopping because clothes would never fit me and always got the hand me downs from my eldest sister..

I seen an advert in the local paper to Zumba with Tracy.


I couldn’t dance, but I love music and singing along to songs so I got my friend to tag along with me.


I first met Tracy Hanna in oct 2012 when she was running a 10 week weightloss challenge between two towns, Dubbo and Gilgandra.


In this time I was able to lose 6.5kg and came third in the competition.


Unfortunatley later in that year I had a knee injury at work which stopped me going to Tracy’s classes for a while and I had put all of my weight back on plus more.


It wasn’t until January this year (2014) where I was diagnosed with stage 2 of liver failure and was told to eat healthier and lose weight, As I am only 32 I really needed to do something to improve my health.


By this stage I was at my heaviest of 105kgs and felt discusting.


With tracy’s help, advice and guidance, I am currently down 12kg in 12 weeks but still have at least 18kgs to go to get to my goal weight.


Tracy has been my inspiration through my journey as I look up to her and think if she can do it then so can I


I thankyou Tracy Hanna for all that you have done for me. I am happy to say my liver is now repaired and ready to live another 32yrs. xx



Jacqui Calabretta TESTIMONIAL


I have got to be one of Tracy Hanna/Zumba with Tracy’s biggest fans!!!

I first saw Tracy at Relay for Life over 2 years ago where she was doing a free Zumba class for the fundraiser, certainly not an isolated incident she is always very supportive of local charities within the Dubbo Region.


Although I started Zumba by myself Tracy instantly made me feel very welcome with her beaming smile, enthusiasm and love of Zumba fitness. Over 2 years I have made a lot of great friends I look forward to catching up with each class, I have lost weight and improved my fitness 100% from an injury where I have been able to throw away all medications.


No matter what age, size or dancing ability if you’re not having a good day or stressed when you arrive at Tracy’s Zumba class it wont last long, you will HAVE FUN and BE HAPPY once the music starts. I plan my week around Zumba classes now, you don’t even realise you’re exercising Tracy makes it so much fun.


I’m so lucky to have seen Tracy that day, she doesn’t  just ‘teach a class’ and run a successful business she ‘changes lives’ with her sweet and caring nature. I would recommend everyone try Zumba with Tracy, if you’re lucky you’ll keep coming and be part of the Zumba with Tracy Family.





My name is Lyn Barnes and my youngest child, Daniel Barnes, severely disabled oth physically and mentally. He is 25 years of age but equivalent to a 5 month old baby.


Dano attends a day program at local Northott center and for the past two  years Tracy Hanna or (as the kids call her) “Zumba Tracy” has been doing Zumba with the kids twice a week.


She has been such an incredible gift since coming into our lives. My son cannot walk, talk, sit, or control in any way but you mention “Zumba Tracy “ and his face lights up and the hugest grin appears. To watch Tracy interact with these kids and th kids equally interact back is a sight worth seeing, a room full of twisted bodies squeal and jerk with delight “they are in the Zumba zone” and Tracy is right their with every single one of them. She has brought music, laughter, she has brought life into what was otherwise a quiet existence.


Earlier this year, Tracy Hanna began an 8-week Zumba weight loss challenge, which I signed up for, during this time I got to know Tracy better and quickly began to see what Dano sees in her. I was one of 30 or so ladies who signed up. Not one of us would you consider in your wildest dreams that we should be allowed to Zumba around humans. I have been to a few different Zumba classes in the past and the teachers where nice, however I constantly felt like I was out of my league, how ever Tracy was so welcoming and supportive right from the first moment, not a hint of judgment. And oh my gosh yes, yes she whipped our butts each class, but it was fun and the laughter never stopped. To my surprise threw Tracy guidance I managed to come in 4th place my first challenge then I won the second challenge.


Tracy has done fundraisers in the past and at the beginning of February this year Tracy asked me if there is anything Dano needs, she was wanting to do a fundraiser. I answered an IPad would be great.




Media advertising, interviews, raffle tickets, online Auctions, donation tins in local businesses, after school fundraising Zumba classes, fundraising Aqua Zumba class the list went on! Then she held a final 1.5 hour Zumba event with over 150 people turning up to, all organised by Tracy.




Dano now has an IPad, a new wheel chair and a trust fud for his future equipment needs, my child’s life has now changed for ever because of this one woman. Many other lives in Dubbo and surrounding towns have been changed because of this one women, mine included, I have went from a size 20 to a 12 in 5 month, because of the life changes I have been able to make solely because this women invested her time and skills. Our local radio station is still talking about the amazing work of :Zumba Tracy” It is not often that you meet people who bring a natural “SHINE” with them everywhere they go but Tracy Hanna is one who does.


I understand Tracy has been nominated in the Business awards and I cannot state strongly enough that there is no-one more deserving than her.

I’m hoping this has given you an insight into how incredible an asset we have in  this lady, if you require anything else please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Respectfully your

Lyn Barnes




I would like to write a few words to support Tracy's application. I work in the disability services industry at a local high school and I first heard of Tracy and her Zumba for people with disabilities last year. Unfortunately I was unable to organise my students to attend, however this year the free Zumba program supported by the Dubbo RSL Club was extended due to its high success and as a result my eight students have attended every Tuesday since February this year. I offer the kids the choice to select another activity each term, however there is a strong and resounding "no". They love Tracy and Zumba. Her caring and respectful approach is exemplary within the disability services. If there were more of these fantastic opportunities within the Dubbo community it would be an even better place than Tracy and Dubbo RSL have made it. Thank you Tracy, thank you RSL.



Mr Paul Brandon

Special Education Teacher

Dubbo College South Campus






Thankyou Tracy Hanna,

 You truly have no idea how you have changed my world.  It may sound cliche, however, I have always been the big girl, particularly within my family.  I have tried to lose weight previously without success, and now that I have finished with pregnancy and am raising my 3 beautiful girls (11, 6 and 2yrs) it was time for me to focus on my health and make a lifestyle change.  When Tracy set the weight loss challenge my competitive nature took over and with reinforcement each week, reminders and encouragement from Tracy I was able to not only lose 18kgs but to become a much happier person (no fakeing truly happy!!!). I love zumba (and I'm not coordinated at all) love it, it is not only an exercise session but a smiling, feel good session. Tracy Thankyou, you are so generous and supportive, Thankyou.





Being overweight pretty much all my life this is the first time in my life that I have stuck to healthy eating and exercising for longer than a week without giving up and putting it in the "too hard basket" and the thing that motivated me to do something about my weight was doing zumba. Nothing bores me more than exercise and I was a bit hesitant about attending my first zumba class with Tracy back in 2011 but I'm glad I did as it is so much fun and this might sound cliché but it really doesn't feel like a workout, its more a party!

Thanks to Zumba I started off at 109 kilos in August 2011 and now I am 85 kilos. I have 25 more kilos to go and I will do it :). I feel the key to losing weight is to first admit to others what your actual weight really is, stop being in denial & stop going on fad diets just bring the changes into your lifestyle."








It is with great pleasure that I write this letter for “Zumba Tracy” so I have the chance to let you and others know just how amazing Tracy has been for both myself and other.


It all started one weekend in January whilst I was having drinks with a couple of kickass friends that it was decided we would sign up for an 8 week Zumba weight loss challenge. So on Monday the 19th of January and quite over-eight in I walk to my very first ever Zumba class and I was “scared”. Instantly I was in aor of Tracy with all her energy and enthusiasm. Do you have any idea how much it means to a person like me to have somebody like Tracy who obviously cares about what they do, and is so willing to share her personal experiences and insights. Tracy’s dynamic delivery kept me alert and involved (even though I thought I was gong to die). It was and still is a very rewarding experience for me, she has shared her time, knowledge and her sense of humor. I don’t know how she does it! All that wonderful energy that she certainly put to good use and makes it such fun. Tracy’s dedication and great training program, her speaking ability and overall ability to communicate and deal with all different types of people is great. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I appreciate the way she has “given it up” for us. All her energy, humor and encouragement is remarkable. I have tried many different programs with others and have never felt so comfortable or engaged, there has never been another Tracy, and with no effort on her part she was born to be something special. Tracy has created a magnificent program, I can not describe how enthusiastic and empowered I feel.


It is hard to express in words what Tracy has done for me. I believe Tracy has made it possible for me to enjoy a whole new way of life. It is obvious the ime and tremendous energy she puts into her devotion to helping people on their journey’s to being healthy. So 5 months later and have just completed my second Zumba weight loss challenge 15 kilos lighter and 60cms smaller Tracy has given me a new “lease on life” her enthusiasm and vitality are contagious.

Thank you for giving me a better reason to love life.


Yours Faithfully

Terri Spears




Tracy Hanna has inspired me in the 5 years I have known her...and still continues to inspire me today. We were in the first batch of instructors when Zumba Fitness arrived in Australia over 5 years ago and her charisma and positive energy was already evident and I knew she would be very successful as a wonderful Zumba Instructor. Thanks to social media (Facebook), we kept in touch even if she had to move to Dubbo. I was able to follow her successful career and admired her work, most especially, with special needs kids and adults. So much so that I reached out to my own local community and offered to teach Zumba to Tallowood special needs school in Kellyville. Before starting my first class, I gave Tracy a call for advice. She was so generous in giving her time to offer me tips and support, even from afar. Today, I am spreading the joy of Zumba at 4 other schools and centres for special needs children and adults. Tallowood School have booked me for every term consecutively for the past 4 years, and have added more classes per week because I have been very successful in introducing them to Zumba, and I thank Tracy for giving me the confidence and inspiration when I was just starting out. I believe her wonderful spirit of giving and supporting others is what she can attest to her success today. She gives her best to everyone around her....and that's why the best of things follow her. I only wish the very best to continue to follow her in all her endeavours. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Tracy.




Taking one of your classes brings me as much pleasure as my days as a competitive skater.You have bought so much joy to my life and at the age of 65 i think I'm now fitter than I've been for a long time.Thank you so much,i love to watch your enthusiasm and energy.





I just want to say what an inspirational person you are to me and soo many other people who have has the pleasure to meet you whether it be personally or professionally.I remember my first class if it was yesterday and how much fun i had and how sore i was but i came back again and again and i got to the stage where my legs and arms astually worked together.You make everyone feel special and very welcomed to every one of your classes no matter whether they're new or old.The friends i have made will be some of the most treausred friendships ever.Thank you





Iam so grateful that i was introduced to zumba,and more grateful that it was your class tracy.Before i started Zumba,i had stopped going to the gym because there was no motivation to keep me going and i found it extremely boring.Zumba with Tracy is the complete opposite! I'm motivated to go and to go hard.I dont like missing any classes.I feel better about myself.It's fun and i've also made new friendships with other zumba classmates.What more could you get from an exercise class.I never though it was possible to LOVE working out but tracy you have changed that,by you making your classes fun and exciting we all forget we are working hard.The good thing is though,that we sure don't forget how much it is changing us,not just physically(but we sure do like the physical changes).I hope you have enjoyed every minute of teaching zumba as much as we have enjoyed coming to all your classes.It can only get better and better in all the years to come...





Where oh where do i start? You have changed my life in so many ways I'll be forever grateful.Thanks for being such an inspiration to start with and all the support you have given me during my weight loss has been amazing.You have helped me in so many ways,not just physically but my personality is now getting to where I've always wanted to be,i was so sick of being the fat,quiet,shy girl now that girls has now gone.I could go on and on for hours but i just want you to know that i apporeciate everything you have taught me and how you always make the time to get back to my endless questions.You have been my rock and I'm now the person iam today because of your help.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.You're my lifesaver who knows where i'd be today of i hadn't started Zumba with Tracy