Trent's Fitness Story

You all know Trent, we all love Trent. Below is Trent's fitness story. He started out as a participant and is now one of our instructors.....

My fitness journey

Who'd have thought that attending a bring your man to Zumba promo would've started my health journey! And am sure will be there until the end as well!

Mid September 2015 I attended the promo night and fell in love with the energy and charismatic charm of Tracy and the team, I was hooked!

I participated in two of Tracy's weight loss challenges with some success in losing a few kilos and centimetres, but it is the mind frame that I got out of these challenges were keys to success that I'm still using today, I have lost 27kgs from Zumba and diet change (sugar withdrawal is my biggest enemy; which I still struggle with today).

In May 2016 I was given the opportunity to become an AllAbilitiesDanz and Zumba instructor, it has been the biggest party since! As Tracy and the guys, we are like a family (this shows when we are all together at Zumba and events around Dubbo and the central west)

I recently became a qualified Zumba instructor, and plan to get a few specialties under my belt including Aqua, Zumba kids and kids Jr. The list goes on really!

I have also dipped my toes into the world of choreography, I've found this to be the most "fish out of water" experience so to speak, but am really enjoying it.

There are very few words that I can give the Zumba with Tracy crew that can express my gratitude for being such a big influence in my life in only a short ti,e really, and that is... Thank you! For all you have given me, with giving me confidence to get on stage and bring the best of my ability to give an awesome workout for our clients, to even just being there for someone to talk to on my bad days really helps keep me on track.


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