Team Member Mel: Bali Fitness Weekend

In October Team Member Mel attended the Bali Fitness weekend. Below is her story about Bali...

Bali Fitness Weekend 2016- On the 14th, 15th and 16th October I attended the Bali Fitness Weekend. Over 15 countries came together in Bali Indonesia speak one language...the language of dance!! Held at the Hard Rock Hotel Kuta, the 3 day event was jam packed with Zumba Masterclasses as well as yoga, fitness and live performance classes. This was the 5th Annual BFW and included the biggest and best line up of International Zumba presenters.

Amongst the busy timetable...of which I loved every minute, my highlights included a Masterclass in African Rhythms with Michael Marmitte ZES. Bolly Beats was also a favourite class with Rohit Saud from India and I loved channeling my American routes with the Streetz of New York Masterclass which focused on some technical styles such as jazz, Broadway and we even learnt the Harlem Shuffle and Nae Nae by New York based Instructor Irena Meletiou Full.

If you have attended one of my Saturday classes you would have been taught the tracks Popee and Dale Dale. It was an absolute "pinch me" moment to attend a Masterclass by the singer, songwriter and choreographer herself Miss Francesca Maria! The 3 day event brings together both Zumba Instructors and Zumba enthusiasts alike.

You don't have to be a ZIN to attend and I will absolutely be returning in 2017. I'd love to head back with some Dubbo peeps next year! If you're interested let's talk! The talent of the Instructors is world class and you'll come home so inpired.

As the saying goes 'never miss a chance to dance'. So come with me in 2017!!!!

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