Thank you!

We are so very overwhelmed and proud of all of the amazing feedback that we receive on a regular basis. Whether its people stopping us in the street to say hello and how much their child loves Zumba or receiving Facebook messages and emails to tell us their progress stories and success stories. Thank you to everyone who sends us through these messages, we really appreciate them.


“Do you have any idea how much it means to a person like me to have somebody like Tracy who obviously cares about what they do, and is so willing to share her personal experiences and insights.” – Terri

“I thank Tracy for giving me the confidence and inspiration when I was just starting out. I believe her wonderful spirit of giving and supporting others is what she can attest to her success today.” – Nina

“Thanks for being such an inspiration to start with and all the support you have given me during my weight loss has been amazing. You have helped me in so many ways, not just physically but my personality is now getting to where I've always wanted to be, I was so sick of being the fat, quiet, shy girl now that girls has now gone.” – Maree

“To watch Tracy interact with these kids and the kids equally interact back is a sight worth seeing, a room full of twisted bodies squeal and jerk with delight “they are in the Zumba zone” and Tracy is right there with every single one of them. She has brought music, laughter, she has brought life into what was otherwise a quiet existence.” – Lyn

“My child’s life has now changed for ever because of this one woman.” – Lyn

“When Tracy set the weight loss challenge my competitive nature took over and with reinforcement each week, reminders and encouragement from Tracy I was able to not only lose 18kgs but to become a much happier person.” – Bec

“In the past 12 months I have seen Tracy dedicate so much of her time hosting Zumba classes at almost every community event and fundraiser including relay for life and Stars of Dubbo - cancer council NSW. Tracy's initiative to create the Give Barnsy a reason to Smile fundraiser to benefit a young local boy who is diagnosed with angleman syndrome would have to be the greatest.” – Juelz Jarry

“It has been my experience, and the experience of others I have spoken to, to find Tracy an infectious personality- her bubbly nature, caring attitude and sense of community become a stronger part of all of us and we find ourselves really revelling in each other’s achievements and, in bad times, sharing our sorrows. Everyone Tracy comes into contact is made to feel special and very important as individuals.” – Helen Yeo

“No matter what age, size or dancing ability if you’re not having a good day or stressed when you arrive at Tracy’s Zumba class it won’t last long, you will HAVE FUN and BE HAPPY once the music starts. I plan my week around Zumba classes now, you don’t even realise you’re exercising Tracy makes it so much fun.” – Jacqui

“You have been my rock and I'm now the person I am today because of your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You're my lifesaver who knows where I'd be today of I hadn't started Zumba with Tracy.”– Maree

“Tracy’s dedication and great training program, her speaking ability and overall ability to communicate and deal with all different types of people is great.” - Terri

“She has been such an incredible gift since coming into our lives. My son cannot walk, talk, sit, or control in any way but you mention “Zumba Tracy “ and his face lights up and the hugest grin appears.” – Lyn

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