No Excuses for Terri

I hope this story will inspire someone!

My number 1 rule I have for participant who are serious about their weight loss and fitness goals is NO EXCUSES. Meet Terri. Terri is the epitome of “no excuses”. I couldn’t be more proud of Terri. She had a major injury but instead of saying “oh well, I cant do it anymore, I’ll stay at home” she said “No”, No to staying at home. She decided to work about it. This is exactly what I talk about.

Well done Terri for the past few months and instead of going backwards in your health fitness and weight loss journey you’ve managed to move forward. What an inspiration you are.

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Ok so a little bit of info on my injury journey. So a good 12 months ago maybe a little longer I injured my knee! I knew it wasn't good it hurt real bad and the swelling by night incredible. My first thought was Zumba as I was into my second weight loss challenge!. Initially I didn't want to tell Tracy because I didn't want her to make me stop Zumba and I didn't want to let myself or more importantly, her down. So I continued and did a second injury and this time off to the docs I go for a MRI and prognosis was meniscus tear and partial ACL tear! No wonder I was in pain. So I went off to physio, I had a leg brace fitted and made the dreaded phone call to Tracy, who by the way was AMAZING. I then went onto the waiting list for surgery and was told 30 days. Tracy modified a lot of the Zumba moves for me and I listened to my body. And yes, sure I struggled and more often than not had trouble sleeping that night and walking the next day ( hard in my job as a retail manager ), but I made the decision to own it, suck it up with no excuses. I watch other people around me struggle every day and Lynny with Dano is my inspiration and I drew on that, oh boy did I draw on that. So lots of tears and 12 months later finally in for surgery, in this week. My surgery was on Tuesday, meniscus beyond repair, ACL had repaired itself so obviously I listened to the doctors and Tracy :). Meniscus was totally removed. Today is Thurs I feel fantastic not even a Panadol which is awesome after being on morphine and endone for the last 8months. Doc says 6 weeks b4 returning to Zumba, I told him no way I will be back before that. In fact, be there Monday night, might just watch this week though.

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