Tracy and Julez from Star Fm. Dubbo, organised Dance the Battle Together to raise awareness for postnatal Depression in Dubbo and the Central West. The event was a big success with many people coming out to join in a fun filled Zumba Fitness class.

Speech made on the day by Tracy.

"This event was born out of one of my manic moments. My struggles with bipolar is what drove me to approach Julez from star FM about my idea,and surprisingly she was was quick to join me. We then worked together putting our ideas forward to create an event we hope will help others out their who may be suffering, either in silence or even family's who are watching loved ones go threw this horrible disease. It stole way to much of my life and is a constant battle, but I wouldn't be where I am today not having been through everything I have. Today Julez and I wanted to highlight the importance of exercise and the benefits it can have on mental health. Exercise literally helped to save my life and to give me back my life, my confidence and most importantly my health. I can now say I'm a better mother, wife, mentor and human being because of it. "

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