At the end of 2010 i was amung one of the lucky Australian Zumba instructors who got to meet the creator of Zumba him self BETO PEREZ. I cherish this special Zumba moment, this man through his creation of the Zumba Program has not only chaged my life but millions and millons of others aroud the glob. Though the gift of Zumba we are now able to help others and change ther lives threw his program. What an amazing man. words cant express how greatful i am to this man.

In this second photo im with the two biggest influences in my Zumba caree.

BETO PEREZ the creator of Zumba and my Zes (Zumba Education Specialist) MARIA TERESSA STONE.

Maria has been my biggest influence and mentor over the past 5 years. Not only have i done the majority of my Zumba trainings with this amazing women, im proud to say she has now also trained my entire team.

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