Well as alot of you already know from my posts on social meadia, i have injured myself.

Its not a majour injury, but for now im on crutchers and am unable to teach my classes. Thankfully i have an amazing team who are fully trained and are ready to step in take control so very few classes will be disrupted. "THANK YOU ERINN, MEL & DUSTI, IM LUCKY TO HAVE YOU."

My injury is a calf tear and im hoping to be back on deck within 2 to 3 weeks, i will come back slowly with the girls suport. Thank you for all your kind words of love and suport, it means the word to me. you guys are like my second family and you all mean a great deal to me.

For now, all classes remain at the same time and place apart for two classes, Zumba Step and Zumba Toning. Zumba Step will be cancled untill my return, and the Zumba Toning 6 week program has been postponed untill my return, all other classes including school, special needs units and party bookings will go ahead as planed.

I look forward to my return very quickly

Have Fun all


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