This got me thinking

I was speaking to a zumba participant today who was telling me she wasn't confident to go into group fitness classes. This lovly lady has now plucked up the courage to join the group fitness classes and now is so happy.

This got me to thinking. It reminded me of myself !

When I was a size 22. Morbidly obese and very depressed after years off atteling I made the decision to start to try n lose weight I remember being to scared to join a gym. I started out walking but then I gained the confidence after a few weeks and join my local gym. Best decision I've ever made. Once I did go I remember seeing all the awesome pumping class in the group fitness room and I sooooooo wanted to join them but I was so scared and worried I'd look silly, wouldn't be able to keep up or wouldn't be able to finish the class. So I choose to walk on the treadmill. It took me months and months to pluck up the courage to join in on a group fitness class. Once I walked threw the door I realised that was the hardest part. that really was the hardest part of the class just walking thre the door. It really was a majour break through.

Please don't ever be scared to join my Zumba classes. Walking through the door could change your life. We offer so much more than just a fitness class we offer support, a family, fun.

Imagine if I never got the courage to walk through that group fitness door and begin my journey. 😱😱

Everyone has to start somewhere. Is it your time ??


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