Lyn's Incredible Journey


Lyn is about to complete her second weight loss challenge with me and her results and dedication speaks for itself. This after photo was taken 8 weeks ago. Lyn has lost more weight since this photo but theres no mistaking how amazing Lyn is looking and feeling.

I asked Lyn a couple of questions in regards to her journey, heres what she had to say;

How has Zumba assisted you in losing weight?

"Zumba hasn't assisted me in losing weight, it has been the REASON why I have lost weight."

How many classes a week do you do of Zumba?

"I attend two classes per week."

What do you love most about Zumba?

"There is no judgement or no wrong way to do it. It is as hard a workout as you want it to be or as easy as you need it to be. Everyone is friendly and not afraid to have fun and giggle and they don't care if you move differently. As Tracy always says "is doesn't matter how you move as long as you're moving."

What are you hoping to achieve through your weight loss?

"I am hoping to achieve energy and pain-free days to do what I need to each day."

Are there any little changes you have made to your lifestyle that has contributed to your weight loss journey?

"I drink water regularly throughout the day and have a protein shake each day. If I feel like a treat, I don't deny myself, I just have a less amount of it. This is my ongoing journey, therefore any changes I made had to be doable and realistic because I want to enjoy the journey, not just focus on the end result. If I didn't make it realistic the risk is there to yo-yo."

Lyn is still on her journey but her attitude towards herself and weight has changed so dramatically through the help of my classes and mentoring that she has already achieved such incredible results. We can't to keep watching Lyn's progress!

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