Zumba Fundraiser for Barnsy


On the 28th of March, 2015, I had an incredible amount of people show up for my biggest fundraiser to date. Daniel Barns (pictured) is a beautiful boy who needed a new wheelchair and I wanted to try and raise money to go towards it. I was absolutely overwhelmed with the results!

My fundraiser all started because I didn't know what to get Barnsy for his birthday. Barnsy has Angleman Syndrome and his life expectancy was ten years, however he has just celebrated his INCREDIBLE 25th birthday!! We named the fundraiser "Give Barnsy a Reason to Smile" and my ultimate goal was to raise $500. I held a fundraising class in hopes of achieving this amount, then it just took off! We did multiple mini fundraisers to raise money before the big night. One of my favourites was a huge Zumba class for kids. The local radio host (Julez from 93.5 StarFM) joined me. We had NINE different schools come together in an after school care special class. We also ran a junior kids class at a local preschool which raised an extra $50. We were featured on the local radio three times and were in the paper twelve times! We opened an online bank account specifically for this cause due to the incredible results.

On the night we 150+ people attend for two hours of zumba fun, raffles, auctions, lolly guessing competitions and more. A number of instructors from all over the place joined us for the special night and we had around $7,000 worth of prizes. Overall thanks to the help of our wonderful community we mananged to raise an incredible $18,647.34!! Not only enough money for his wheelchair which was $10,000, but with thousands left over! Leading Edge Computers also gave me a discount on a special ipad for Barnsy that he could use. Northcott kindly paid for it and donated it to me to give him. How incredible is that?!

I have no idea how I can even begin to express my gratitude towards all the people who donated items to auction, for food and to those who partcipated and donated money. My team who helped organise everything, my family for their support and my photographer who took pictures on the night (which can be viewed in the links).This wheelchair will greatly improve Barnsy's quality of life. You guys are amazing, I couldn't have done it without you!















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