An Inspiration


I meet so many amazing people through my Zumba Fitness business. I especially love mentoring and inspiring my weight loss challengers through my own personal 47 kilo weight loss.

I am working with a beautiful lady who is seventy years young and she has really impressed me. My biggest rule is NO EXCUSES! Dianne has really taken this on board and I'm hoping you can read some words from her and be inspired to follow your own goals. If this lovely lady of seventy can do it, then so can you.

I asked Dianne some questions about her fitness journey and here is what she had to say;

What are you hoping to achieve from my weight loss challenge?

"I know everyone says this but my ultimate goal is to be fit and healthy. I was told earlier this year I have type 2 diabetes and that exercise and a healthy diet would help me control this."

How many Zumba classes a week do you attend?

"I always do one class of Zumba, two classes of Aqua Zumba and I try and fit in a fourth class each week.

I didn't think I would be able to do the non-aqua classes but I can and I love them."

What made you sign up to my challenge?

"I decided to sign up for the challenge as I'm carrying to much weight. I've put a lot of weight on since I've retired two years ago. I'm a vivid reader and movie buff and as I'm not working, there were a lot of books and movies to catch up on. Then who can read or watch a movie without a snack? So when my clothes were not fitting me anymore, I had to do something about it. I saw your challenge and thought 'this is my ticket to achieve a healthier life.'"

How are you finding the challenge?

"I'm enjoying the challenge and learning a lot about proper food to eat. I'm now always getting excited about the small wins I'm achieving just through the different choices in what I eat. I've realised that a carrot, celery or an apple make a good snack for a novel or movie. I've learnt to drink water, which is something I never did, it was always coke zero or coffee. So win, lose, or draw in the weight loss challenge, I feel I'm already a winner. I've learnt so much to help me on my journey to the new fit and healthy me, thanks to Tracy and her team and all their help, advice and motivation. With you, I'm on my way to achieving my goals."

I am so proud that Dianne joined my classes and has stepped up to give it a go. I'm always saying my classes are for everyone, for any age, shape, size and fitness level. Everyone takes it at their own pace and Dianne is a perfect example

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