WOW What amazing results we had for my recent 8 week weight loss challenge.

I had 15 ladies showing awesome results. The race was close, oh so very close but in the end the winner was

First place Terri loseing 8.3kg and 30cms

Second pace Candy loseing 8.5kg and 26cms

Third place Mellissa loseing 5kg and 35.5cm

These three girls showed fantastic results for 8 weeks im so super proud of all the ladies.

First place took home the cash prize of $260, which terri used to buy a tredmill.

Second place took home a 10x box set of Zumba DVDs with tonning sticks

And third prize won 5 free classes.

I cant wait for my next weightloss challenge to start.

If your interested in joining one of my challenges you can call Tracy for more info on 0416010748



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