Being overweight pretty much all my life this is the first time in my life that I have stuck to healthy eating and exercising for longer than a week without giving up and putting it in the "too hard basket" and the thing that motivated me to do something about my weight was doing zumba. Nothing bores me more than exercise and I was a bit hesitant about attending my first zumba class with Tracy back in 2011 but I'm glad I did as it is so much fun and this might sound cliché but it really doesn't feel like a workout, its more a party!

Thanks to Zumba I started off at 109 kilos in August 2011 and now I am 85 kilos. I have 25 more kilos to go and I will do it :). I feel the key to losing weight is to first admit to others what your actual weight really is, stop being in denial & stop going on fad diets just bring the changes into your lifestyle."


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