Zumba with Tracy's weight loss success (This is BEC'S story)


You truly have no idea how you have changed my world. It may sound cliche, however, I have always been the big girl, particularly within my family. I have tried to lose weight previously without success, and now that I have finished with pregnancy and am raising my 3 beautiful girls (11, 6 and 2yrs) it was time for me to focus on my health and make a lifestyle change. When Tracy set the weight loss challenge my competitive nature took over and with Tracy's reinforcement each week, reminders and encouragement from Tracy I was able to not only lose 18kgs but to become a much happier person (no fakeing truly happy!!!). I love zumba (and I'm not coordinated at all) love it, it is not only an exercise session but a smiling, feel good session. Tracy Thankyou, you are so generous and supportive, Thankyou.

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