Zumba with Tracy's weight loss success stories (This is Lizzy's story) SO FAR STAY TUNED AS LIZZY IS


I have always been the big girl in my family, friends, collegues and felt terrible all the time, I never wanted to socialize with friends, I didn’t like clothes shopping because clothes would never fit me and always got the hand me downs from my eldest sister..

I seen an advert in the local paper to Zumba with Tracy.

I couldn’t dance, but I love music and singing along to songs so I got my friend to tag along with me.

I first met Tracy Hanna in oct 2012 when she was running a 10 week weightloss challenge between two towns, Dubbo and Gilgandra.

In this time I was able to lose 6.5kg and came third in the competition.

Unfortunatley later in that year I had a knee injury at work which stopped me going to Tracy’s classes for a while and I had put all of my weight back on plus more.

It wasn’t until January this year (2014) where I was diagnosed with stage 2 of liver failure and was told to eat healthier and lose weight, As I am only 32 I really needed to do something to improve my health.

By this stage I was at my heaviest of 105kgs and felt discusting.

With tracy’s help, advice and guidance, I am currently down 12kg in 12 weeks but still have at least 18kgs to go to get to my goal weight.

Tracy has been my inspiration through my journey as I look up to her and think if she can do it then so can I

I thankyou Tracy Hanna for all that you have done for me. I am happy to say my liver is now repaired and ready to live another 32yrs. xx

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