Zumba with Tracy's weight loss success stories (This is Deanna's story)


I first met Tracy not long after she moved to Dubbo when I received an email from her advertising Zumba, I asked her to come out to Gilgandra to do a Zumba session for the Youth Centre where I worked. The session went so well that I had many requests flow in for a 6 week program for the kids and also adults too. I participated in the 6 week program and loved every minute of it. Sadly the program came to an end in no time and due to work commitments I was unable to travel to Dubbo to attend classes. Not long after the conclusion of the program I developed some health problems and my daily walk and gym sessions became impossible to continue, consequently I GAINED 18kg in just 6months and LOST my confidence. Luckily for me and a whole bunch of other Gil ladies, toward the end of 2012 Tracy offered to run a 10 week program in Gil incorporating a 10 week weight loss challenge! These Zumba classes along with the weight loss challenge inspired me to begin my weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey. Although throughout the challenge I only lost around 4.5kg I did lose a reasonable amount of centimetres. I was delighted to find out that Tracy was willing to continue coming to Gil and would be doing another weight loss challenge and I was more determined than ever to make long lasting changes.

Tracy set up a Zumba Weight Loss Group on Facebook, which has been a constant source of advice, support and knowledge. Tracy understands the everyday challenges I face and offers realistic and practical solutions. Tracy is an inspiration to me and drives me to continue to make changes that are ‘lifestyle’ changes rather than a ‘diet’ which are long term, not quick fix solutions that are not sustainable. Tracy is very generous in sharing her knowledge and experiences of weight loss, health and fitness and has helped to build up my confidence which had been completely depleted by my 18kg weight gain. To date I have lost 11kg, so I do have a way to go but I am thrilled to see the weight coming off and my health and my fitness level improving each week. Tracy has encouraged me so much so that now I am doing Zumba Bootcamp, Zumba and Circuit classes each week along with a 5km walk each morning and interval training 4 nights per week. I have gone from only being able to run for 30 seconds per interval with a 2 minute recovery to 4 minute intervals and 30 second recovery! A recent example of how much my health, fitness and confidence has improved is my participation in the MOTHERS DAY CLASSIC Breast Cancer Fundraiser, something I previously wouldn’t have had the confidence nor the fitness to do. My daughter and I did the 8km walk and are planning to do the 4km run next year! That is another thing Tracy has taught me, once you reach a goal - set a new one! New goal - to run 4km!

I will be forever indebted to Tracy for influencing and encouraging me to be a better version ME!

Thanks gorgeous Tracy! xxxxx


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