As everyone knows I teach Zumba to people from all walks of life. My motto is Zumba for all ages from 2 to 102. (No one will ever be excluded from my classes ever).

My Zumba gold classes for children and adults with special needs and disabilities is one of the classes I am most proud of. They are amazing kids that fill my heart with joy and my eyes with tears. I love them all equally as they bring something amazing to me every time I see them.

Today I want to make mention of one of my awesome kids, his name is Dano but we all call him Barnsey. He is adorable, and has me totally in love with him, his heart is purely gold. This little guy is actually 24 and had a life expectancy of 10 years. Well true to his nature he has doubled that and more (thank god) because the world is truly a better place for having this little guy in it.

For me personally I love to watch his eyes light up when a song comes on that he likes and equally he frowns when he’s not happy whether it be a song he doesn’t like or I’m not over with him long enough lol. If you get the pout you know you are in trouble cause he is angry at you hehehe. My favourite sound is when I hear him giggle he completely blows my mind its friggin adorable.

Barnsey is wheel chair bound but he has an awesome wheel chair that converts to let him be in a standing position, which he LOVES for Zumba. Barnsey is sweet, adorable, cheeky he is the whole package.


Barnsey has Angles Mens Syndrome and it’s a cruel disease. The poor kid is in constant pain. But never complains. He communicates threw his eyes its quiet amazing. We could all learn A LOT from this little dude.

He has a lovely family who adores him, two older brothers. I am lucky enough to visit him and some of his friends at Northcott Disabilities Services. I love watching the staff interact with the clients. I can see they truly care for these kids just as I have come to as well.

I plan to feature a special person from my special needs classes that take place weekly at the RSL Club, Breakthru People Solutions and Northcott classes every few weeks. I want the world to see what I see threw their eyes.

The power of music and movement in the form of Zumba gold is powerful to watch. These guys all respond in their own ways each one can be so different but to me it’s truly amazing.

This week my special guys is Barnsey

I feel very very privileged to be able to be a part of these kids lives and to have the opportunity to bring what I love to do to them and hopefully give these guys some fun in their day as the are so deserving. They make me a better person.

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