Zumba in schools for sport

What can I say I love my job. I’ve been extremely lucky to have had the opportunity threw my Zumba business to teach tomorrows adults that fitness is FUN.

My self and my team Maryline and Erinn go out and we visit schools in the Dubbo area and we travel to surrounding towns such as Gilgandra, Narromine & Welligton to teach up to 600 kids in pre schools and primary schools for school sports.

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I cant tell you how absolutely amazing and phenomenal the atmosphere is with up to 200 kids at a time all singing, smiling, laughing & dancing its truly amazing.

We always keep the classes interactive and we like our kids to be as involved as they want to be in their classes. The kids will often request songs that I then specially choreograph for them. They are always negotiating stage time (god love them) and we always have rewards and prizes for the kids.

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To see these kids have the confidence to join us on stage and let me tell you there are very few who don’t come up on stage. It’s such a good feeling to see them shin. We love it when we arrive to a school and we are greeted with a swarm of hugs, high 5s and sometimes letters, drawings and cards. It literally warms our hearts.


We absolutely adore teaching in schools. And I’m so proud of the way the kids respond to us. My goal is for all children to have an understanding that fitness can be fun! And I feel we are having a few wins with this. ZUMBA KIDS

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