Special needs and Disabilities Zumba

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Three times a week I’m blessed and lucky enough threw my business Zumba with Tracy to teach a few groups off children and adults with special needs and or disabilities.

I teach up to 600 people a week from all walks of like from the ages of 2 to 102 every week, but I have to say my special needs participants are the high light of my week.

I really can’t express words to try and describe how amazing these guys are and how much they give to me threw these classes. You would literally need to see it for your self with your own eyes.

I teach an amazing bunch off kids and young adults weekly at break thru people solutions and another group from Northcott disabilities services. But I wanted to reach more clients from this category so I started looking into gaining a government grant so I could do just this.

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It occurred to me that these guys may not have a lot of money to do sporting activates so I wanted to make this type of class available to as many people as possible. I spent nearly a year looking into different grants but was having a lot of trouble finding the correct funding. Iv been working at the Dubbo RSL Club for a few years and its an amazing gym in town to teach at, they are very supportive and always opened to my millions of new ideas. I discovered a clubs N.S.W grant and thought id go for it. Well to my delight and surprise the Dubbo RSL Memorial club along with the help of the RSL Health and Aquatic center granted me just this. I was successful and am now able to open up a free class for even more special needs and disabilities participants. I have a group who are traveling out from Gilgandra, some of my Northcott kids. Plus some other lovely guys joining us. Every Tuesday morning we meet at the RSL Memorial club at 9.30am and we have an amazing time. We let lose we move and dance and sing. We all have on our FEELGOOD RSL Club T-shirt that where also donated to us. Zumba is amazing for these guys its gets them moving smiling and having fun all while getting in some exercise that may not have been possible in the past. I’m so very proud and humbled to be lucky enough to have this opportunity. I want to invite everyone to come along and see these guys in action in November.

I’m putting together a special performance class called SHINNING STARS. I want these guys to shine for one night so we will be putting together this special class and opening it up for everyone to see how amazing they are and so they will get a chance to shin.

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Thanks to all off my special needs and disabilities clients for making my job so amazing and again I want to thanks to both the RSL Memorial club and the RSL Health and Aquatic center for trusting in me and giving me the funding to make this possible.

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