Aqua Zumba, What is it ?

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Aqua Zumba !! YES that’s right you read right its Zumba in the water. Oh my goodness this Zumba specialty is sooooo much fun. Iv been teaching this class for over three years now and I have found it to be one of the most successful off all my classes iv taught over the past four and half years.

Iv taught this class to all age groups over this time. One of my aqua Zumba classes I teach is at the Dubbo RSL Health and Aquatic center. This particular class has between 20 to 30 peope each Monday morning in it that are prodomndly in their 70s to 80s. yes you are reading correctly. These clients blow my mind. Every Monday morening rain, hail, or shine they are in that pool even when its only a few degrees outside it doesn’t scare them off. They really could teach us all a thing or two about commitment and not giving up. And my fav NO EXCUSES !

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They sing they move in the water they do fun partner work. Their awesome. To see theirs smiles their laughter it warms my heart, and these guys like my Zumba kids also request songs which I specialy choreograh for them. We do the time warp , we do elvis and beatls songs. What ever they want I make it happen for them.

Aqua Zumba is just so dame good for you, its great for the older participant, its great for people with injurys or ladies who are expecting. And it’s a fantastic class for people who are at the beginning of their health and fitness possibly weightloss journey. You are free to move under the water so no one can see what your doing. You have zero impact, and as your working against the resistence of the water its fantastic for toning and cardio based workout, And hey lets face it, its just dame fun.

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My older clients coud really teach us a few things, I have a male participant in his 80s with leukemia but he doesn’t let that stop him he's their every week with a smile on his dial I adore him. HE IS MY CLIENT OF THE WEEK!


Aqua Zumba if you get a chance check it out it’s the bomb .

Monday 9.30am at The RSL Club

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